Pantheon of Planners

November 1, 2010 Updated May 10, 2019

Will County, Illinois

(Where There's A WILL, There's A Way)

Why Plan, When We Can React?

The following planners worked for the Will County Planning Department.

May the Great Planner have mercy on their soles.
(Their boots were made for walking)

Steve Lazzara Rest in Peace
Ty Warner
Eric Glenn
Mike Schwarz
Karen Fullett
Jane "Bobbit" Tompkins
Rodney A. Tonelli (RAT)
Craig Hullinger (2 time loser)
Cecilio Ortiz (address it again)
John Marquart (Manage this?)
Donna Hanley

Rich Leslie
Fran Arciero Rest in Peace
Pat Cline
John Meinke Rest in Peace
Linda Emmert
Delbert Skimerhorn, Honorable Mention

Rod Tonelli, Steve Lazzara (Rest in Peace), and Ty Warner

BC (Before Computers) Circa 87-93
Sonya Griffin
Kristen Gunderson
Phil Simon
Joe Duffy
Martin Ince
Jim Shelby
Mike Brown
Joe Napolitano
Paul Rasmussen
Paul Gorte
Amy Bullard
Keith Pitchford

  • Where have all the planners gone, long time passing?
  • Where have all the planners gone, long time ago
  • They've gone to new jobs. everyone
  • When will they every learn, When will they ever learn?

CA 77-87

Earl Bradfield
Dave Chester
Joe Duffy
Joe Dobranich
Ann Hintz
Bob Sullivan
Harry Heuman
Leslie McMahon
Sherrie Neeley
Paul Ouderkirk
April Richards
Maureen Schaeffer
Mickey Sundstromm
Kevin Stanbridge
Dave Sylvester


Vinod Bhatia  Rest in Peace
Mike Schofield
Jim Mohrbacher
Lee Trunkey
Craig Hullinger
Paul Taylor
Don Eibling
Bill Spalding
Marion Studer Gibson
Vicky Parks Dietmeyer
Joanne Malinowski
Marla Utech Gursh
"Sister" Corrine Walsh
Linda Busby
Melanie Dorsett
Kevin Busby

Scot Shaeffer
Tom Murphy
Bob Brown
Paulette Fite
Monica Smith


Bob Brown 72-73
Tom Murphy 73-75
Craig Hullinger 75-77
Don Eibling 77-78
Harry Heuman 78-82
Paul Rasmussen 82-86
Paul Gordte 86-89
Jim Shelby 89-93
Phil Simon 93-94
Craig Hullinger 73-77; 94-97 (Twice !! Recycled. He just doesn't get it)
Ty Warner 97-07

Curt Paddock 05-18

Lesson Learned. If you someday want to be included in the Pantheon,
you need to get your name on a Plan that gets printed and reprinted,
so you will be remembered.

Publish or Perish.

Grant me the

COURAGE to change what should be changed; the

SERENITY to accept what cannot be changed;

and the

WISDOM to know the difference.


Developed by the Land Use Department
December 15, 1995

The County land use pattern will be harmonious, balancing residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural land uses. Transportation will be safe and efficient. Natural resources and open space will be protected and enhanced. Urban communities will be improved, and the rural heritage preserved.Stormwater will be managed, and flood damage minimized. All construction will be of high quality. Solid waste will be safely and properly disposed. The environment will be protected and enhanced.

Mission of the Land Use Department

Protect and enhance the Public Health, Safety, and Welfare by effective land use planning, regulation, and enforcement.Guiding Principles

We will always endeavor to:

Act with integrity
Be fair and consistent
Treat people with respect
Exercise good judgement
Be cooperative and professional
Maintain positive mental attitude
Be responsive to citizens and elected leaders
Be committed to the professional development of our people


Will County Seal Designed by John Meinke

Text of Certificates of Appreciation Awarded to Will County Planners 1999

Mike Shwarz performed all of his duties as a Will County Planner in an outstanding manner. He was meticulous, honest, and thorough in the review of complex land development proposals. He contributed substantially to the County Transportation Plan. He is an outstanding City Planner, and his efforts are appreciated.

Karen Fullett is a valuable asset to Will County. She developed and led the Countywide Storm Water Management Plan. She directed the County in environmental planning, and recently put together a large team of organizations to improve wetland retention areas. She is a outstanding Planning leader, an her efforts are appreciated.

Tyson Warner AICP is an outstanding Planner. He performed all of his duties as Chief Planner for Will County with dedication, integrity, and professional competence. He contributed substantially to the County Transportation Plan. He directed the Planning Division with tact and skill.

Eric Glenn served Will County as a planner. He reviewed subdivision and zoning request, and ensured that all developments were properly designed. He assisted the development of the Transportation Plan, and on the Eastern Will County Land Use Plan. He is a fine planner, and an asset to the County.

Steve Lazzara AICP performs all of his duties with enthusiasm and professional competence. He is highly motivated, and a leader in the planning division. He serves as the second in command of the Planning Division, and leads the County Historic Preservation Planning efforts. He is a credit to Will County.

Donna Hanley AICP worked on the County Transportation Plan. She ensured the coordination of the planning effort with the Will County Governmental League. She assisted other planners with development review. She has contributed substantially to the County Planning Division.

Pat Cline performed all of her duties in a suburb manner. She willing took on enormous work loads without complaint. She works in a difficult environment, supporting seven planners, in a highly stressed and demanding situation. She completes all of her work on time, correctly, and with a friendly manner. She is an outstanding worker, and an asset to Will County.

John Meinke has worked on Will County maps for over seventeen years. He has accomplished his demanding tasks with dedication and thoroughness. He designed the County Seal shown on this certificate. He is an asset to the County, and his efforts are appreciated.

Fran Aciero has served Will County for over twenty years. She developed the original County base maps, and has updated these maps continuously. She is a skilled artist, and has contributed substantially to the mapping and planning of the County. Her efforts are appreciated.

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